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A Singing Icon

 Living Blues Magazine Cover of Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is a singing
"As he nears 70, Joe Jonas'
voice remains rich, crystal
clear, and powerful. His
years of gigging and the
deep emotional charge
that escapes though his
music places him in that
increasingly rare category
of "must hear" vocalist".
- Living Blues Magazine
January/February 2006.


"The Joe Jonas Band put on a great show at Taste of Dallas this year. You were great to work with before, during, and after the show and all of the audience really enjoyed the music. Hope to work with you again soon and feel free to have anyone contact me for a reference." - The Entertainment Company
"His years of gigging and the deep emotional charge that escapes though his music places him in that increasingly rare category of "must hear" vocalist" - Living Blues Magazine
"The Joe Jonas Band did an excellent job interacting with the crowd and keeping everyone entertained. We can't wait to have them back" - Uptown Village at Cedar Hill
“The Joe Jonas Band gave a terrific performance at AlleyFest 2008 and our audience absolutely loved them” - AlleyFest
“The Joe Jonas Band was the highlight of our Presidents Club meeting. Great music, great vibe, great fun” – Medical Technology Solutions
"The Joe Jonas Band is a terrific band that really drew the audience to the stage and no one left,  we'll invite them back next year. Keep up the great work! " - Trinity River Fiesta

Latest News

Book just released featuring Joe...

The book Texas Blues: The Rise of a Contemporary Sound was just published with interviews of Texas Blues Legends (such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, and ... Joe Jonas) that are recognized as having a profound impact on the blues in Texas.  Joe is honored to be included with such great blues icons.  If you look to the left on our main page you will see the book cover.  Please take a moment to check it out and look at some interesting early photos of the mighty mighty Joe Jonas!  After that come listen to the Joe Jonas Band perform.  We'll get the excitement and energy going, but you will have to continue after we are done.


And now under the heading “it doesn’t get any better than this”…

Girls: Dallas blues artist Joe Jonas isn't that Joe Jonas

By THOR CHRISTENSEN / The Dallas Morning News  

Dallas musician Joe Jonas has a new reason to sing the blues, and its name is Joe Jonas. Ever since the Jonas Brothers shot to boy-band superstardom, pubescent girls have been confusing the 71-year-old blues singer with the dreamy 18-year-old idol. "I'm the real Joe Jonas," he says. "I've been out here way before he was born”.The problems started last year when young girls began leaving messages and photos of themselves on Mr. Jonas' MySpace page. So many teen Jonasites visited the page that MySpace eventually had to shut it down. Things only got worse in June when Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas bought a $2.8 million home in suburban Westlake: Suddenly, excited girls were leaving messages on Mr. Jonas' home answering machine – a puzzling development, since his number is unlisted. "People say, 'You have to change your phone number.' But I'm not changing it. I've had it for 30 years and if I change it, I'll be the loser," he says. Teenage girls have even starting showing up at his gigs. At a recent show in Cedar Hill, a man approached him with young daughters in tow to ask what time the Jonas Brothers would be arriving. "I told him 'I am the Jonas brother. Not the Jonas Brothers.'" The episode gives comic new meaning to the old blues standard "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl." But the Big D bluesman isn't laughing. He says if he ever meets his teenage namesake, "I'll tell him 'You have caused me a lot of problems.'" Dallas blues historian and KNON DJ Don Ottensman dubs the mix-up "just plain strange. ... I don't know if Joe's written one yet, but there's got to be a blues song in all of this."



"It was 103 degrees and everyone just kept dancing in the streets!”

The Joe Jonas Band pulled off another incredible performance.  In the oppressive heat of the afternoon Texas sun the band drew a crowd of over 200 people up to the front of the stage.  The band stage was placed in the middle of the street so between the direct sun and the reflective heat it was… hot.  The audience continued to grow during the 90 minute set with everyone having a great time.  Every few songs Joe would encourage the audience to stay hydrated but they just stayed and continued to sweat.  Another smoking' hot summer day with the Joe Jonas Band.

Performance Schedule

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Joe's schedule is being developed for touring internationally this year.

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